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The richness of natural healing is combined with modern technology and modern knowledge in the field of medicine and cosmetology.

Our treatments

  • Hydrotherapy treatment with stimuli caused by water,
  • Physical therapy, which covers a wide spectrum of impact with physical stimuli, such as ionization, ultrasound, radiation, electrostimulation,
  • Kinesiotherapy - therapeutic gymnastics,
  • Cryotherapy, using cold nitrogen vapor,
  • Traditional therapeutic and relaxing massages with the use of hot stones or essential oils.
  • Balneotherapy, which uses peat and peloids - natural revitalizing substances.

Brine pools are the basis of kinesiotherapy treatments. People who know saline pools in Ustroń can take advantage of additional attractions: whirlpool and pearl baths and hydro massages.

Within the pool area there is also a mini brine graduation tower fed with 5-9% brine (inhalations are held here).

The pools are filled with brine with a concentration of 3-4% The brine, which is extracted in Ustroń from two wells U3 and U3A, is 11% chloride-sodium-calcium, ferric, iodide and fluoride water, which means that it contains a high concentration of sodium chloride and calcium, iron, iodine and fluorine. Thanks to this concentration, saline in Ustroń is classified as a therapeutic water.

Basen solankowy w hotelu

A modern gym was established in June 2017, next to the brine pool, on an area of over 200 m2. It is available to all people who care about their physical condition and fitness. The gym consists of: a cardio zone, a machine zone with stack loads, a free weights zone and multifunctional devices. We invite you to take advantage of the offer and to take classes under the supervision of experienced personal trainers.

A relaxing session in a salt cave is a perfect and healthy rest. Soothing music and soft sound of water, subtle light and comfortable armchairs.

The salt cave relaxes and supports the treatment of many diseases, thanks to the microclimate in the room.

Sessions in the grotto are recommended for people who want to relax and replenish the level of iodine in the body, as well as people suffering from asthma, upper respiratory tract catarrh, sinusitis, hypothyroidism, psoriasis, and neurosis.

Grota solna relaksujące seanse