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The Wilga*** Hotel in Ustroń offers a wide range of physical activities available for individuals only, as well as in the form of classes.


Salt water baths are extremely popular in this part of Silesia. Salt water baths are key elements of healing at health resorts, especially in motor rehabilitation, i.e. kinetic physical therapy. Due to the iodine and brome content in the salt water, the pool room has a specific healing microclimate conducive to treating illnesses of the upper respiratory tract. The salt water from Ustroń is extracted from two subterranean wells located near the "Uzdrowiskowy Instytut Zdrowia" health institute and it is perceived as one of the best in Poland.


Organized yoga classes are a great way to unlock your joints, release muscle tension and free yourself from back pain, to relax and to tone up your muscles. Even a single yoga exercise routine can have a positive impact on your body's motor skills and decrease physical and mental tension.


The recreational classes of aqua aerobics are held at the salt water pool. The exercises with relaxing music playing in the background and with the use of special equipment (floating belts, dumbbells, aqua discs, water noodles, etc.) are conducted by qualified instructors. Aqua aerobics are enjoyable exercises which additionally support weight loss and improve your fitness.


Soothing music, birds' warbling and the subtle sound of running water, delicate lighting and comfortable chairs - a relaxing session at the salt chamber provides perfect and healthy relaxation.

Due to its specific microclimate, the salt chamber relaxes and improves treatment of numerous illnesses. Sessions in the salt chamber are recommended for people who wish to relax and replenish the iodine level in the body, as well as for those suffering from asthma, upper respiratory congestion, sinus infection, underactive thyroid, psoriasis or neuroses.

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